• Mutton Roganjosh, Chor Bizarre
  • Chor Bizarre, Bikaner House
  • Mutton Roganjosh, Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre brings to you authentic recipes from the ancient Tamilakam region. Featuring dishes like Poricha Meen, Mutton Chukka, Dindigul Biryani, Sugarcane Halwa and more presented in a beautiful silver Thali.

Chor Bizarre, PANDARA ROAD

Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre brings authentic Indian cuisine in a setting that is unabashedly Indian. Our chefs have endeavored to stay true to the actual origin of each regional dish, honestly recreating flavors that one would normally associate only with home cooked food of that region.

Part art, part kitsch, part imaginative, part contrived, the interiors of Chor Bizarre have been put together with India's finery, frivolity and sheer joie de vivre in mind. From furniture to fabrics, pearls to periodicals, carpets to cutlery... with antique tables as counters for coal irons, colorful street food vendors, grandfather clocks jostling with stereos, bangle sellers and old jewelry sharing space with auto parts, it captures the spirit of India in all its eclectic irreverence. In our restaurant, "nothing matches" yet "everything gels".

Chor Bizarre – A play on the phrase Chor Bazaar, or Thieves' bazaar... The best Kashmiri food in India can be found here...
- The New York Times

Chor Bizarre is the complete eating out experience - great décor, distinct ambiance enhanced by assorted Hindi 50's music, wondrous cocktails, superlative food, charming 'Old World' service...
- The Economic Times

Chor Bizarre


Enjoy your favourite authentic Indian dishes and our Kashmiri specialities like Mutton Yakhni, Aloo Bukhara Korma and Haaq in the comfort of your home!

Chor Bizarre, PANDARA ROAD

Haaq served at Chor Bizarre Roomali Paneer, Chor Bizarre
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The pragmatic and colorful menu boasts of recipes collected from different parts of the country. It also offers a traditional 'Kashmiri Tarami' and 'Wazwan' - the legendary ceremonial feast of 36 courses.

We also serve tandoori platters, a range of chaats and pride ourselves on a large vegetarian repertoire.

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